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Annual U.S. Census Agency people rates to have ). Analyses out of danger signal research was indeed simply for circumstances profile which at least one symptom is actually coded while the “yes” (letter = 150,829 details). Attributes of instances stated in the ten HP2010 resource claims was weighed against times said out-of any kind of (non-HP2010) says and you may areas.


During the 1992–2006, a maximum of 248,074 Lyme condition times was in fact said so you can CDC. No matter if annual matters fluctuated by as much as 57% on a yearly basis, the entire development ways a steady upsurge in the amount of claimed circumstances (Shape step one). When you look at the 15-year study period, the amount of circumstances reported increased 101%, off 9,908 times within the 1992 to 19,931 times within the 2006.

County regarding home is actually taken to 243,430 (98.1%) cases. This new imply besthookupwebsites.org/beard-dating/ level of areas reporting one matter of Lyme problem try 714 (range: 625–796). In every age, the fresh new part of areas reporting a minumum of one situation are >75 in the half a dozen claims (Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Nj, and you will Rhode Island). In contrast, while in the 1992–2006, new percentage of areas reporting one or more circumstances enhanced away from 33% in order to 74% for the Minnesota, out of 79% so you can 97% in the Pennsylvania, and you can regarding 76% so you’re able to 97% in the Wisconsin. Read more