Proximity-based dating apps are great for hooking up, but Mingleton (free) might take the “proximity” part a little too far

The app lets you choose who youll see: Guys, girls, and friends or friends of friends. You can also search for people by biracial Dating-Seite name, if you know who youre after. The app does not discriminate by relationship status, but it does take friend location and sexual preference into account when showing you people to rate. Also, in the (horrifying) event that you accidentally swipe “get date” or “get down” for someone you shouldnt have, you can undo the action by searching for them and tapping “undo.”

Finally, if you want to “increase your chances,” you can have the app send your chosen “friend” an anonymous text message (assuming you have your friends phone number), asking them to download the app and hopefully rate you. In other news, this is an excellent way to prank your single friends-sorry guys!

Is Down any worse than Tinder? No, not really. But its much more difficult to get in the “online dating” mood when you have to keep swiping past your boss, your extended family, and your old high school teachers.


Mingleton is a Tinder-like dating app that matches you up with people who are in the same room as you-seriously, it looks for people who are “within up to 50 meters” from your location.

At first, this doesnt seem too bad. After all, if youre looking to get down with someone at a party, its probably easier if theyre, you know, at that party. Read more