Five dating apps that are just the worst

Online dating used to be a way for shy, socially awkward people to meet their (shy, socially awkward) soulmates and begin relationships based on, well, more than just looks and sex. But when dating sites moved from the wired Internet to smartphones, well, lets just say things started to go downhill.

Now, instead of questionnaire-based sites like eHarmony, we have hot-or-not style apps like Tinder. Instead of looking for “the one,” were looking for the one who can take the sexiest selfie, and whos within 25 sitios de citas para profesionales heterosexo miles of our house and down to…get coffee.

Im actually not here to hate on dating apps-theyre an understandable and necessary way to meet new people, thanks to our jam-packed schedules and smartphone-obsessed society. But some dating apps have me shaking my head. Read more