But how, you might be wondering, does Tinder decide who to show to whom, and in what order?

Considering its an app people use in order to potentially meet the love of their life, people are very curious about how exactly Tinder works.

The apps user interface is more complicated now than when it was first launched, but the essential principle remains the same: Swipe left on profiles youre not interested in, right on profiles you are and you chat with your matches when both of you indicate interest.

The answer, similar to almost every app out there today, is a proprietary algorithm whose exact details are secret to the general public. However, we do know a few things about how the Tinder algorithm works.

The Old Model

A 2016 article revealed that at the time, Tinder used a ranking algorithm to assign each user a score based on how people swipe on them – the more left swipes you get, the lower your score goes; the more right swipes, the higher your score rises.

However, it wasnt as simple as simply adding or subtracting one point every time someone swipes right or left on you. Read more