Many people think all of our annual collection of Seattle’s sexiest citizens try unjust

Let’s acknowledge the individuals in our midst who have achieved, in middle age, a type of dignified sexiness? To these some one we say, shag self-respect. How about we recognize who’s got just plain banging sexy? The elderly provides currency, fuel, and you may nice cars. Temperature. Bunny serves.

In addition to all hot young adults in this situation, we have been cracking so it report aside on seams so you can stuff from inside the all of the totally free reader valentines we obtained this current year. For folks who delivered one out of, it should be on the report someplace. (Did you publish thirty or 40? Following we had to cut some, sorry.) Your entire valentine has to do now is read through an excellent billion other notes from the bunnies and you can honey holds to get the you to you delivered.

If you are not one of many lucky many who have a great valentine–and if you are nonetheless burning angry on the a classic flames–cannot miss the Stranger’s Romantic days celebration Bash to your Friday, March fourteen, in the Chop-suey. The new single, sour, and broken-hearted was greet to take momentos out-of unsuccessful dating–wedding rings, photos records, overflowing dogs, dinnerware, divorce documents, whatever–and you may Dan Savage usually in person split him or her aside, burn him or her down, chop him or her to your confetti, and place her or him burning. Read more