As a result your claim is not managed as a different claim and you can:

Connecting says

For folks who allege JB for a period, sign-off immediately after which claim JB once more contained in this 26 days, their allege is connected to the prior to claim.

  • You don’t need to go to for 3 days before getting their fee
  • New cumulative overall from days about past allege are proceeded (thus, including, when you yourself have burned 100 days of the total JB entitlement out of 234 days you’ve got 134 weeks left on the claim)
  • The pace regarding JB is similar rate payable as towards the the last claim, unless of course there’s been a financial increase or change in family members activities (such as for instance a separate man depending).

In the event your JB claim does not link to a past allege it is addressed because the a new allege. You need to wait for three days prior to getting a payment and you may the cumulative full away from weeks starts about first day out of payment. Read more